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[★] GOT7’s ‘Girls Girls Girls’ reached 1,500,000+ views today on YouTube!



This is the first video masterlist for Got7. I will try to update this whenever new videos are out. I do not in any way own any of these videos. Please reblog or like ! (I will be more motivated lol) (format/idea credit: kmexoplanet)

Official Teasers & Music Videos


Variety Show & TV Appearances



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  • Friend : What is GOT7's fandom name?
  • Me : Obviously GOTFANS, duh!
Such an awesome accomplishment by a rookie group. Within 2 days, "Girls, Girls, Girls" reached 1 million views!
  • Got7 : Girls, girls, girls they love me.
  • Fangirls : *SCREAMING*
  • Me : Boys, boys, boys the love me
  •  *hears cricket sounds*

" I hear that I have a cold image and that I seem arrogant, so it must be because of the way I look. Of course, I believe that is only one image amongst all the other images that I have.” —Jessica