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Reasons why Jessica shouldn’t have been kicked out of SNSD.

Being an idol-enterpreneur is not new.

I am sorry but so many k-pop artists have or own their own bussinesses. Let’s take Taecyeon of 2pm for example. He has his own OkCat merchandise but JYP didn’t say ‘Taecyeon, we’re kicking you out because you can’t keep up with the group activities’. 

Prioritizing Girl's Generation

Uhmm, excuse me SM but why can Yoona (don’t get me wrong, I love and adore Yoona) do the same thing and miss live performances—and why can’t Jessica do the same thing? I am sorry SM but as far as I know this is unfair. Jessica has trained her butt off to get where she is now but SM didn’t give emphasis to her or any of her skills. 

SM is putting words into the other eight girl's mouths.

Sm let’s face it, you probably planned this all out. Do you expect us to believe that the girls said that Jessica should be kicked out of GG? OR DID YOU JUST PUT WORDS INTO THEIR MOUTHS? Fishy move, SM. 

SM never did prioritize nor support what Jessica wanted to do.

Ah yes, SM, I am sorry but what the heck are you saying about ‘supporting’ Jessica when you already proved to her that you clearly do not ‘support’ her. YOU KINDA JUST KICKED HER OUT OF THE GROUP. Is that what you call support? 

SM : Violation of human rights and freedoms

You treat your artists like an object, not a human. I am sorry but all these lies will make your company suffer. SM will collapse and crumble because this kind of treatment is not acceptable. You are violating a very important right. The freedom to live, equality, freedom to work, freedom from degrading treatment. I can’t even list down everything this company violated.

I just never found or ever will find tyler kwon attractive, I am just saying. 

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[★] GOT7’s ‘Girls Girls Girls’ reached 1,500,000+ views today on YouTube!



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Such an awesome accomplishment by a rookie group. Within 2 days, "Girls, Girls, Girls" reached 1 million views!
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